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Having started as a freelancer in July, I am now onto my 3rd major event.

Firstly, I was a Safety Officer at the European Championships working in a team of about 12 (6 Safety Officers & 6 Deputy Safety Officers). This was a huge learning curve for me, working with very experienced professionals with a wide variety of safety qualifications, skills and knowledge – between them there was always someone who had the answer to my questions.

Along with my direct team there was a huge network of event professionals that for the 8 week period were my colleagues. Project Management, Marketing, Transport, Protocol, Event Management, Workforce Management – you name it I had them next to me. Some of the best in the business without question.

Move forward to present day and here i am again, learning new cultures out in the UAE for the FIFA Club World Cup & AFC Asian Cup.

Getting my head around the Security match day structure, the training of the security teams, and the behaviours of the local spectators is all a challenge but one that I am absolutely loving.

I look round the office and I am once again surrounded by event professionals with years of industry knowledge, from all different cultures and backgrounds and without them I would be a lost cause.

I have learnt that in the world as a freelancer you need to develop your portfolio of associates. You need skills / services within your team that you don’t possess to develop your business and you need to be able to offer them work & hope in return they can assist you when you have downtime. That is exactly what i am spending the next few months doing, expanding on my team of associates and hopefully we can all help each other have a very successful 2019.

If you would like to join my team of associates then please feel free to contact me via email –

Likewise if i can support your business or event in anyway then please get in contact.

Steve Coleman

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