Ghosting of staff – A thing of the past?

It was well known across Safety & Security providers, as well as event organisers that transparency & honesty hasn’t always been delivered.

All too often Security providers would knowingly run short to enhance their profit, but at the same time put the event at risk & damage their business reputation should they get found out.

Times have changed, technology has developed, event organisers / Safety Officers are better educated and enhanced procedures have been implemented.

It all starts with the event planning. The creation of a deployment plan, compiled by a competent professional with sufficient knowledge of the event operation, budget & safety legislation, that provides a firm commitment from the event organiser to the stewarding & security provider of its requirements to supply sufficiently trained Management, Supervision, SIA & Stewards.

An agreement of start times, finish times, role (SIA / Steward), hourly charge rates and cost. Combined, this deployment plan then gives a P.O. and an agreement between event organiser & security supplier that the deployment plan is what is expected to be delivered to run a safe & secure event.

Any ‘proactive’ security business will have an online booking system that mirrors the deployment plan (usually with a 10% overbooking for no shows) and as an Event organiser you should ask to see the scheduling 14 days, 7days, 3 days etc out from the event to give you a level of comfort that your event is sufficiently resourced.

Event organisers, especially fixed facilities such as sporting stadiums have started to invest in systems such as Aware Manager & in my opinion should be a consideration for any large stewarding deployment as the transparency & control these systems offer massively raise service levels.

Gaps in scheduling, dependent on system will be where the security providers have subcontracted in additional support. In this case you should initially agree to the 3rd party involvement, & then be provided sufficient information (names, SIA numbers, training records etc) to give reassurances that your event isn’t compromised.

During the event a system should be in place, if not an automated time & attendance system, where the event organiser should take steps to control the signing in / signing out of security & stewards (and any other business that may charge hourly) giving total transparency to the event safety team of exactly what resources they have available & also post event the exact cost of that service.

Security providers should welcome the scrutiny as it drives standards across the industry and ensures they deliver what they sold in the first place.

Every event should outline a ‘minimum standard’ for their service providers and put measures in place to audit them to ensure they are achieved, to drive standards year on year and improve the services provided.

If you want any additional guidance or have any questions on this then feel free to contact me……..